There has been an increase in discussion about suicide in the past several weeks after the suicides of fashion designer Kate Spade and chef Anthony Bourdain. The Centers for Disease Control also released a report earlier this month that reported a 30% rise in suicide rates since 1999. I feel it’s important to address the topic of Suicidal OCD given how confusing it can be to both those who have it and those who have loved ones with it.

Suicidal OCD is not about wanting to die. On a very general level, those who end up dying by suicide feel that this is their only way of dealing with painful thoughts, feelings, or circumstances.  Suicidal OCD is the fear that one may act upon intrusive images or thoughts they have about harming themselves. As Dr. Steven Phillipson explains in this video OCD is about seeking safety. People with Suicidal OCD generally want to be absolutely 100% sure they will never act on these images of harming themselves. 

Please watch this important video from Dr. Phillipson:

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